Gurgle & Co – Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions under which we offer our services. By making a booking or using any of our services (eg attending a class or event) you agree to accept and abide by these terms.

Missed Classes

Unfortunately, we are unable to give refunds or carry over to future bookings, class sessions that you do not attend.

At the discretion of the class teacher, and depending on availability,  it may be possible for you to make up the missed class by attending any of our other classes. This should be during the current block of classes you have paid for and may not be carried over to subsequent blocks. Please check with your class teacher for availability first before attending a different class.

If a class is cancelled by the class leader you will be informed of the options available to you.

Safety Information

Your child (or children) is your responsibility during the class. Please supervise them fully, particularly when they are using the equipment.  At all times please follow the instructions and guidelines of your class teacher. 

Please follow all COVID 19 guidelines fully. See here for our COVID 19 policy.

No liability can be accepted for any incident that occurs due to this guidance not being followed.

Gurgle and Co have made every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your child during the sessions. However, participation and the use of our equipment is entirely at your own risk. 

Healthy Children and Adults

Please bring only healthy children and adults to class! You and your child should remain at home if he, she or you have had COVID symptoms, a fever, vomited, or had diarrhoea within the past 48 hours.  

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the class if we feel that the child or adult is too ill to participate/ displays symptoms of contagious diseases.  ​

Photography and Video

We may take photographs or videos during classes to use for marketing purposes. You will be asked at or prior to the first class whether or not you consent to photography consent. 

You are welcome to take photographs of your own child during classes, please ensure that no other child features in them.

Class Behaviour

In order for the children to be able to focus on the group activities and to develop their listening skills, we ask that chatting between adults is kept to the free play section of classes.

Gurgle & Co reserves the right not to allow a child or parent to return to class if their behaviour is deemed unacceptable, in this instance a refund will be issued.

Data Protection and Your Privacy

Any personal information provided by you to us will be held securely and processed in accordance with the data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Legislation for the purposes of meeting the legitimate business interests of Gurgle & Co.

Our Privacy Policy explains our data processing practices such as how we collect and use your data and you can read this here.

Bookwhen is Gurle & Co’s online booking platform ( and our payment bridge providers Stripe ( handle your payment. When you submit your details via this booking system, the data is available to Gurgle & Co, Bookwhen and Stripe who operate the booking system on behalf of Gurgle & Co . In this instance, each of these parties is joint Data Controllers for the data you provide.

Should you wish to know what information Gugrle & Co holds on you, please send a request including your Name, Address and Date of Birth to

Nicole Lipscombe, 15 Stopford Place, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX75SL 


COVID -19 Policy

  • Please help to keep our classes as safe as possible by maintaining a safe social distance whenever possible.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Mats have been spaced 1m apart.
  • Face coverings and masks are encouraged but optional.
  •  All equipment is disinfected or placed on a hot wash cycle after each class, you are also welcome to use the cleaning products provided. 
  • Please DO NOT attend classes if you or your little one is displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Stay at home and book a PCR test. 
  • Windows in classes will be open to allow for fresh air and circulation.

Gurgle and Co classes have been adapted as far as possible to allow for social distancing. However, we recognise that babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers may not keep to the required distance from each other at all times. We have balanced the potential risk of this with the above measures. By attending classes, you accept that there may be occasions that children do not remain at the specified distance from each other and choose to attend classes with this knowledge. 

Where the cancellation of a face to face class is due to factors beyond our control, in particular to COVID-19 restrictions (for example, local lockdowns or the requirement for the class teacher to be in a period of isolation) we reserve the right to substitute face to face sessions for online classes, and in these instances, no refund or carrying over of class sessions will be provided.